Parking Lot Cleaning

Have a parking lot? Want happy customers, employees, and/or tenants? A clean environment is key not only for cosmetic appearance but also for hygienic and environmental reasons! A parking lot is no exception! Thus, our parking lot cleaning services may be the answer to some of these problems. Without proper maintenance or any maintenance at all, your lot, customers, employees, and/or tenants suffer. So take the next best step and choose to improve your lot! Give us a call or send us an email to have one of our professional cleaners or crews maintain your lot dust and trash free!

How much trash can a parking lot gather in a day?

The sad truth is a lot! Unfortunately, people are naturally dirty. And as much as we try to improve this or avoid littering, it sometimes feels impossible! That doesn't mean there isn't a solution. A solution, our parking lot services

We use proper tools and equipment depending on the size and scope of work to get the job done. Take a look at our before picture to the right. For example, this is how much dust and trash can gather over the course of a day on a lot that we service daily.

Shocked Yet?

Well good thing our customer opted for a cleaning service. Now take a look at the end result once we completed a thorough cleaning of their parking lot. Satisfying ain't it?!