Outdoor Building/Property Maintenance

Our outdoor building/property maintenance includes, but is not limited to: parking lot cleaning, window washing, plant watering, leaf blowing, dusting, and cobweb removal to improve your outdoor property. It's our goal to constantly improve: our customer service, work ethic, friendliness, professionalism, and skills to give you the best possible cleaning experience yet!

  Areas we currently service customer outdoor properties:


    •North Hollywood

    •Los Angeles-Echo Park

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Services we currently provide for our customers:

•Window Washing

•Leaf Blowing and Trash Pick Up

•Trash Removal

•Cobweb removal

•Trash Disposal

•Outdoor Dusting and Wiping

Corners and Edges aren't left behind!

Cobwebs are usually a nightmare for majority of buildings. We make sure to take care of them by thoroughly removing them and doing our best to leave your building looking clean!

We do what it takes to leave your property looking spotless! We make sure to keep property managers up to date when things are out of hand or out of the ordinary. Our focus is to remove the discomfort and pain of dealing with unwanted situations!

Our professional and friendly crews are trained to pay close attention to detail and specific requests, follow guidelines, safely use proper tools and equipment for optimal results and satisfaction.